Easy Shrimp Pasta Recipe

I love those recipes that are made from ingredients you just happen to have on hand, and kind of throw something together at the last minute.  I had nothing planned for dinner one night, and remembered I had frozen shrimp/prawns in the freezer. I always keep a few boxes of Penne pasta in the cabinet, and jars of alfredo and spaghetti sauce.  The lightbulb went off and I came up with this recipe.  It has become one of my husband’s favorite dishes ever!
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1 lb. fresh or frozen prawns shelled and deveined
1 jar alfredo sauce
1/2 cup milk
1 box penne pasta
1 tbls. Emeril’s Essense (or similar spice mixture)
3 crushed garlic cloves
1 tbls. olive oil

Boil Penne pasta using directions on box.

Defrost, shell and devein and rinse prawns. Dry on paper towel. Add olive oil and crushed garlic in large pan and sautee prawns over medium heat until they turn white. After they have cooked through thoroughly, drain, and add alfredo sauce, milk, and essence. Mix well. Cook uncovered over medium to high heat until heated through. Add cooked Penne pasta to pan and stir until noodles are coated. Enjoy!

*You can add more milk if sauce is too thick. Season to taste with more or less essence.

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