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Crispy Churros Recipe
Appetizers, Dessert

Quick & Easy Crispy Churro Chips

Churro chips deep fried to a golden brown and covered in cinnamon and sugar is a must have delicacy when you are visiting the local fair. If you can’t go to the fair, bring the fair to you! Maybe that’s a reach, but I love everything about Churros and really […]

Quick Tri-Tip Roast Marinade
Beef, By Ingredient

Quick Tri-Tip Roast Marinade Recipe

My family and I frequently grill tri-tip. We love this cut because it is tender and incredibly flavorful naturally. I do, however, like to add a little more flavor with the “signature” quick Tri-Tip Roast marinade recipe that I created. It is a super easy beef marinade that only requires […]