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Euforia 1,000 Layer Cake Review

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Just when I thought I knew about every single dessert on the planet, along comes Euforia! What is so unique about this dessert? Euforia is an amazing thousand layer cake (that is not a typo!), and each layer is baked individually for 4 hours. Only seven ingredients are used too!

euforia thousand-layer spice cake is made of simple, pure, and natural ingredients. It is also available in flourless (wheat/gluten-free) versions. The only worry you will have is making sure it does not disappear before your very eyes.


Euforia 1,000 layer cake review

Needless to say, I was pretty darned excited when these arrived (and my curiosity had the better of me too!), but I did manage to control myself and snap a few pictures before I devoured them all. The box they arrived in (shown above) was beautiful – I immediately thought how nice these would be for a gift. When I opened the box, I found these beauties:

Neatly tucked in the box were several packets of Euforia thousand-layer cake. These included Spice, Vanilla and flourless.   The anticipation was killing me, so I waited no longer.  I carefully unwrapped a slice of the Spice cake and bit into what I can only describe as “wow”.  It was very delicate and light, with just the right amount of sweetness.  The spice flavor came through perfectly – not heavy or overpowering.  I literally could have eaten about 10 pieces. Since I had other flavors to try, I stopped at three.  I mean, I’m sure you understand – I had to have one of each type right?

The Vanilla thousand-layer cake was equally pleasing. Vanilla is my favorite flavor in general, so I had a feeling this would be my favorite. I honestly cannot pick a favorite – they are all incredibly tasty.

I took a close-up shot so you can see the detail and layers:


I can’t help but think of how much work must go into each and every thousand-layer cake. It makes me tired just imagining it! The good news is I don’t have to worry about that, as Euforia will do all of the hard work for me. I just need to order.

With the holidays right around the corner, now is a great time to start compiling your list for gifts. I can pretty much guarantee that nobody else will be giving a gift as unique (and tasty) as yours! Euforia has plenty of delicacies to cover everyone on your list. I’ll take one of each please!

Gluten-free Euforia thousand layer cakes can also be purchased!

Euforia thousand-layer cakes can be purchased directly from their website, and they are also available at, Foodzie and several other online retailers (even Etsy!).  Make sure you follow  Euforia on Facebook and Twitter to keep up on the latest offerings, info, discounts, etc.

*I was provided samples of the above product to facilitate this review. No compensation was received. All opinions are those of blog author only.


  1. YUM! That sounds seriously amazing. I wonder how long it’d take to make that cake by hand? 😀

  2. Thank you so much for these amazing pictures and such a fantastic review. We are thrilled that you love the cake so much!

    Here’s to great cake!


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