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Thank you for considering The Speedy Gourmet to do a product review, or review/giveaway. If you would like to view my Media Kit, please contact me: mandjregan {at} gmail {dot} com. Please also see my Acknowledgment Policy for more information regarding advertising, reviews, giveaways, etc.

TO REQUEST A PRODUCT REVIEW AND/OR GIVEAWAY, OR FOR ADVERTISING RATES AND INFORMATION, please contact me directly. You may also request my media kit.
Here is some basic information, that I hope will answer all of your questions. If you have further questions, please feel free to contact me. You can also fill out my Review Request Form (click link or see tabs at top of blog page), to let me know more about your product(s)/company. Blog reviews/giveaways are a wonderful way for your product and company to gain exposure. They are very inexpensive, and they are the wave of the future! If you are a company, large or small, please contact us. Statistics show that mom bloggers are an ever-increasing way to reach one of the largest spending markets in the country… other moms! We look forward to working with you.

Even after your review/giveaway has worked it’s way off of the main page, there will be a link to your items listed on my blog indefinitely, and they will show up when people search your information.

There are several options to choose from:

I love spreading the word about products I love and companies I love! Running a giveaway, hosted by The Speedy Gourmet, concurrent with a product review is highly recommended. If you choose for me to host a giveaway, I request that you ship prize directly to winner when possible. I will provide you with the winner(s) address at the conclusion of said giveaway.

The only thing needed from you is a sample of product(s) to review. I require full size samples and in exchange I will post a review (including pictures, links, etc.), and I will also promote the product review. Review items WILL NOT BE RETURNED. In the event that I do not like the product I have reviewed, I will contact you before posting to see if you want a negative/not positive post. You will then have the option to cancel the review post, or allow me to post all aspects (including negative) portions of the product in my review. After I have finished the review post, I will send you the direct link.

The review portion is the same as above. I will host a giveaway concurrent with the review. At the conclusion of the giveaway, I will send the winner’s information to you, and you will ship product to winner(s). Giveaway prizes can be the same product I have reviewed, or a specific monetary amount (winner can choose item from your website – up to a predetermined amount), or the prize can be a gift card or gift certificate. I highly recommend including a giveaway with a review, as they will bring the most exposure to your company/products. When doing giveaways, I require my readers (for initial entry), to go to your website and take a look at your products. They then come back and tell me in a comment what another favorite product is, or something they have learned about your company. This I always offer extra entry options, and if you would like to include the options to follow you on Twitter or Facebook, or subscribe to your newsletter, please let me know. I would just need the links to your Facebook and/or Twitter pages. Giveaways generally last two weeks, but I am flexible.

I highly promote giveaways, using media outlet such as Facebook, Twitter, other blogs, blog forums, contest linkys, and more. I also offer an extra option (for giveaways) for my readers to post about my giveaways on their own blog. This brings their readers to my giveaway, and introduces it to their readers as well, thus increasing exposure. I do ask that you ship prizes to winner(s) in a timely fashion. Tracking numbers and estimated delivery dates are always appreciated.
*There is no charge/fee for this option.

For this option, I do not need a sample to review. I will post either a pre-written post/release by you, or I will write up a post about your company and products, and include pictures, text and keywords. There is a fee for these options – please inquire about rates.
The giveaway portion is the same as above.

I will do a short post about your product. The rest of the giveaway will be done as explained above. Straight giveaways are posted very quickly. Due to time involved in posting, there is a small fee for this. Please inquire about rates.

Please contact me directly for advertising rates or media kit.
I will only agree to items that are a good fit for my blog. I reserve the right to refuse any product.
You will be responsible for all shipping and handling for the review sample and also any giveaway shipping costs.
Reviews/Posts/Giveaways will be done in a timely fashion. For reviews, please allow up to two weeks for post to be published. Posts without review and post with just a giveaway will generally be posted quicker.
Please provide any specific pictures and logos you would like me to use, as well as keywords/text links you wish me to include (ideally two to three links are preferred).
I will be in constant contact with you during the review process. I will email you when product has arrived, and an estimated post date. I will email again with a direct link to review, immediately after it has been posted. I encourage you to check back frequently to view the comments left by readers

This is the best sort of advertising your product. For the cost of your product you can get word of mouth and buzz about your product!.
In return:

I will heavily promote your review/giveaway using social media (including Twitter), forums, blogs and other available outlets.
Your company name and my product review will remain in my archives. Web crawls will consistently pull up your company/my review info. I try to use as many labels/tags as possible to ensure maximum exposure in web searches. You will get exposure to a wide audience. Your products and product information will be viewed by numerous readers, many who will then spread the word about your products to others. Please see site meter for my stats Google Page rank for stats (both of these are displayed on blog). You will be able to hear from the public by viewing feedback and comments from readers.

I am very flexible and easy to work with.
I hope we can work together soon! Please let me know if you have any questions!
Contact: mandjregan {at} gmail {dot} com