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Easy No-Bake Patriotic Ice Cream Cone Cookies

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Patriotic Ice Cream Cone Cookies will be the highlight of your 4th of July dessert table!  Our spin on these cookies by using madeleines is a game changer!

I like to bake, and I love to make decorated cookies for special holidays, but what I don’t like is spending hours in the kitchen. Usually by the time I have mixed the dough, cut out shapes and baked them, I am ready to call it a day.


Easy no bake 4th of July cookies

I tend to use store bought Madeleine cookies for just about every holiday and event. Since they are no-bake cookies, they save me so much time. I can still make “homemade” festive decorated cookies (in this case, no-bake 4th of July decorated cookies that look like ice cream cones!), yet I haven’t spent most of the day in the kitchen working on them.

The reason I choose to work with store bought Madeleine cookies over other cookie types, is that they are always easy to cut into different shapes (by shaving down the edges with a knife), and they typically don’t break. This isn’t always the case with homemade sugar cookies.

Before you make these fun Patriotic cookies, here are a few helpful hints:


Madeleines, sugar crystals, and white chocolate.


The cookies were named after a young girl named Madeleine. A chef stormed out of the restaurant in France after serving a meal without making a dessert. A young lady named Madeline stepped up and prepared a little cake her Grandmother would prepare.  And that is how the name for these unique cookies came to be!


The main ingredients for these cookies are flour, sugar, eggs, and almonds.

Once  you start working with these unique little cookies, you will become a fan! Did you know you can also make madeleines into Football shaped cookies?

Another great thing about these No-Bake Patriotic Ice Cream Cone Cookies is that they won’t melt during the hot days of Summer!

Ready to make these Red, White, and Blue Patriotic cookies?


  • Madeleines
  • Sugar crystals
  • White chocolate.



The first thing you’ll want to do is clear a good size section of your counter or kitchen table, and lay out some aluminum foil.

Next, set your sprinkles out in little bowls. I used sugar crystals that I colored myself for this project. They are super easy to make and you can make the tones and colors any way you want, so they really stand out.

Next make sure you very careful when melting the white chocolate – it can be very tricky!


Melted white chocolate in a stainless steel bowl

If you are looking for an easy patriotic dessert recipe that can be made with store bought cookies, this is the one for you!

Red, White, and Blue no-bake patriotic ice cream cone cookies



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